A closely-knit group in Savills helmed by a team of young & dynamic leaders.

EastLiving Group is a closely-knit group in Savills helmed by a team of young & dynamic leaders. With our EastLiving System (ELS) & Complete Training Syllabus, we have helped many of our agents achieve financial freedom & fulfil their life's goals!

As a part of EastLiving Group, you’ll be helping to shape one of Singapore's most dynamic real estate groups – as well as a career path of your own - Property Agent Career

Our vision and ambition is what drives our business. Yes, we are a bunch of go-getters! Yes, we are driven and motivated! But we are also a company of genuine good-hearted people. Our motivation isn't purely derived from sales figures alone; they are determined by our passion and belief in making every real estate experience a positive, smooth and enjoyable one. We expect alot from our people but in turn, we will support, nurture and share all our insights, advice and experience with you. We hope you can grow, succeed and realise your full potential with us.

As you journey along with us, you will meet and build for yourselves a huge cast of interesting, colourful and intelligent characters from all walks of life. We embrace diversity as we know it brings us greater ideas and talents from various perspectives that we alone cannot seek.

An integral part of our culture is that we recognise you as an individual with unique skills and talents and we also know that people grow and reach their fullest potential only when they are developed in a sharing and nurturing environment. That environment is an important ingredient that makes EastLiving Group stand out among Singapore's top real estate groups.

Advisory Sales Masterclass
Realtors Excellence Program
EastLiving System

EastLiving Group's signature program revolutionizes the way a real estate agent works!


Conceived and taught by our Senior Group Division Head, Stuart Chng, ASM spans over 2 days and involves 14 hours of intensive training, role play and practical exercises to help you achieve the following:


Serve less clients and close
multiple deals with each Client!


Distinguish yourself from the rest
of the market by truly becoming
an advisor, not a salesperson.


Learn a Step-by-Step presentation
method that guarantees to
impress all clients you meet!


Learn how to counter the MAIN
issues holding back buyers today!
80% Loan, ABSD and 25% cash
downpayment etc.


Creative portfolio restructuring
and financing strategies that
clears the obstacles your buyers
are facing today!


Get access to our proprietary Portfolio
Restructuring Calculator (PRC) that will grant
you tremendous power at your fingertips!

At the end of the 14 hours session, you will become a much Real-estatically better agent and be able to serve your clients with greater meaning and purpose; all while increasing your income and contentment level!


Realtor Excellence Program

Our Monthly REP combines training and networking sessions to continually help our agents to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Real estate clinics are also held to let our new agents have a platform to share their struggles and receive support and advice from veterans in the team.

ELS is our team's internal platform for sharing of property listings, training notes and scripts and enables teams to work closely in synergy. Security features help keep listings secure within the team while maximizing synergy for higher closing rates!

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