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EastLiving Group (ELG) is a division of Savills Residential Pte Ltd, a renown global real estate brand that started back in 1855.

Portfolio Restructuring

Clients of EastLiving Group get to benefit from our proprietary Portfolio Advisory Models which is one of its kind in Singapore's real estate industry. A consultation with one of our agents will help you to reveal the risks of your real estate portfolio and enables you to have a clearer picture into the Buy/Sell/Hold signals that your property is displaying. Many of our clients have found it beneficial as these entry and exit signals helps them maximize their profits and lower their overall portfolio risk.

Manage Your Lease

Many landlords and investors are financially-savvy, but some can be left in the dark when it comes to finding tenants, dealing with day-to-day property issues or legal jargon.

The team at EastLiving Group takes all the hassle out of managing and maintaining your property. Our first step will be to ensure you get the right tenants - the EastLiving Group brand naturally attracts a significant volume of prospective tenants and our detailed processes for checking applications will ensure your rental income is secure. We'll also keep on top of the maintenance at your property and will contact you immediately in the event an issue arises.

Own & Invest

With EastLiving Group, you will find our knowledge of local markets and current industry regulations an invaluable resource.

Investors know they can count on us to get the job done correctly.

Whether you are looking for a new investment property to purchase or require legal assistance, we can help you know exactly where you stand and provide the valued support you need for your investment.

Our team can make sure you receive a reliable income stream, excellent capital growth and the best returns possible - as well as a guarantee of exceptional customer service.

You can count on EastLiving Group to produce regular and thorough property inspection reports, ensure you receive copies of all important documents and regularly review rent rates and the local market to help you achieve the best outcome.

We take the hassle out of everything from the day-to-day financials to maintenance - and all the details in between.

Education Seminars and Talks

Our founder, Stuart Chng, has a deep understanding of Singapore's property market dynamics and gives frequent public talks and education seminars to consumers. Notably, he has given talks for companies like Apple, Standard Chartered, Mobile One, Singapore Manufacturers Association, PropertyGuru and more. His aim is to educate consumers on the intricacies of real estate investment and the delicate art of timing their entrance and exit well. Many of them have benefited from his talks and have made better investment decisions thereafter.

To invite him to speak at one of your events, please contact Claris: 9889 9143.

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